About Us

Ashwini Engineering Construction, established over two decades ago by Mr.K.Unnikrishnan, has steadily grown over the years, expanding its customer base to include cement, steel, power, pellet, sponge iron, paper, infrastructure and other general industries. Working both new construction as well as maintenance arenas in the national and international level.

Ashwini Engineering Construction is a well knit team of experienced Project managers, Engineers, Foremen, Fabricators and highly skilled technicians. The company employs over 1000 people. We have developed unrivaled expertise and capabilities to execute projects using comprehensive engineering services and state of the art equipments. Our focus is on exceeding our customer expectations and delivering difficult and demanding jobs on time and budget. We strive to provide a level of service that is unique, better than any other company in our field.

Ashwini Engineering Construction maintains the leadership role through innovation and by welcoming new challenges. By ensuring prompt deliveries, meeting deadlines and fulfilling promises. Ashwini has admirably performed its assigned roles as a leading customer centric contracting company and has left its imprints in India and the UAE. Our commitment to building strong, long lasting bond with our customers is evident from our success and repeat orders. Ashwini has established quality control procedures to make sure that best industry standards are met.

Ashwini Engineering Construction represents M/s Xuzhou Zhongmei Hitech International Engineering Company. of China, as their Erection Associates in India. Xuzhou Zhongmei Hitech International Engineering Company is world’s leading supplier of prefabricated sheds based on space frame design for industrial and architectural applications.

Ashwini Engineering Construction is committed to provide safe working environment for all our employees. We work as a team with every person committed to keeping us accident free by taking safety as a way of life. We believe people as the most important resource to carry out any task.

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